Kevin is a Michael Rath artist and has been playing Rath trombones since the company started  around 1996, after starting his career on the R1 model he now performs on a custom R12 model comprising of Nickel Bell, Yellow brass tuning slide and Nickel Slide.    

"The sound, craftsmanship and consistency  of these instruments is far superior to any other horns that I have played on".  

I now have a number of different instruments that I use for different settings, depending on the music and what is required:   

R12 with nickel Bell and nickel slide   

R4 with nickel Bell and Hagman Valve   

R3 standard yellow brass bell and slide   

R10 standard yellow brass bell and slide   

R900 bass trombone   

Michael Rath Mouthpieces:

Small shank tenor trombone: S11 M.N., S7 M.G. S6 1/2

Large shank: tenor trombone: L5 M.D.

Large shank bass trombone: B1 1/2 , B2